Auntie Ning's Entrees

Auntie Ning's Entrees

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each entree comes with choice of 2 beef or vegan lumpia!

Pork Belly Kare Kare - $15
Crispy pieces of pork belly, green beans, bok choy and eggplant slow cooked in a savory peanut butter stew. For all the peanut butter lovers!

Chicken Afritada $13
Tender chicken simmered in a savory tomato sauce with potatoes and bell peppers.

Binagoongan - $13
Pork Belly sauteed in garlic, shrimp paste and thai chili peppers. Spicy!

Vegan Adobo - $11
Chinese eggplant and mushrooms stewed in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and pepper. Served on top a bed of white rice.