Drink Pairings!

Drink Pairings!

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Stepping Stones (Serves 2) - $22
Bombay Sapphire Gin, tangerine-infused dry vermouth, citrus bitters
Say When (Serves 2) - $20
Bulldog Gin, shishito peppers, lemon, grapefruit, maraschino, sesame oil
Bottled Highballs (Japanese Whisky and Soda)

The Tottori - This blended, non-age statement whisky exhibits delicate grain sweetness and a lingering hint of black pepper. Kurayoshi distillery, Japan - $13

Suntory Toki - Adored for its oak, honey, vanilla, and ginger flavor notes, this Japanese whisky is carefully distilled at Hakushu, Yamazaki, & Chita Distillery, Japan - $11