About Friends and Family


While we can't wait to reopen our friendly neighborhood cocktail bar for dine-in service, we are choosing to follow the advice of public health professionals and remain closed for the foreseeable future. At the same time, we have staff and friends in the industry who are underemployed and eager to share their creative food with Richmond. "Friends and Family" features the food of amazing chefs, each dish paired with libations from the Jasper crew. Each cuisine might only pop up once every week or two, so make sure to order early and order everything! 


Same day orders only. Order from 9AM-7PM for pickup from 5PM-8PM.
Pickup only through our website. Delivery through Chop Chop currently pending.

Current Hours Wednesday-Sunday, 5PM-8PM


Every Day

Available nightly (currently closed Mondays and Tuesdays, but we'll see...) in addition to our Friends and Family featured kitchens.

Order an amazing single-serve or 2-portion cocktail from The Jasper, bar snacks, and subs. Orders can be combined with all the food from our friends!


Auntie Ning's brings dishes from thousands of islands in the South Pacific to Richmond. We specialize in traditional recipes sourced directly from friends and family who inhabit the beautiful and sprawling tropical islands.


Wednesdays and Fridays

Susie and Esther is a Jewish-American and Mediteranean food service, named after the best grandmothers a kid could ask for.

Susie was born and raised in Norfolk, VA growing up on traditional Ashkenazi food. She found her true passion in cooking after spending many years volunteering her culinary skills to the community.

At the age of 15, Esther, hailing from Casablanca, had to leave her home due to rising anti-semitism. She grabbed what she could and took off to Israel with her husband and two sons. Cooking quickly became not only her lifeline to her home and heritage, but also how she, like all Jewish grandmothers, (over)fed and showed love to her family.

We are very proud to shine a light on these women, their stories, and their delicious food.

Susie and Esther will be featured on Wednesdays and Fridays weekly.


SLURP! RAMEN is the brain child of Kevin Liu, one of the owners of the Jasper, often shrouded in mystery, who decided to bring to life his love of tonkotsu ramen.

To prove he's not cheating by adding pork to everything he makes, he also came up with some vegetarian and vegan ramen bowls and sides that turned out crazy delicious.

Slurping is strongly recommended to enjoy these noodles, though not it is not technically mandatory.


Pizza Bones is inspired by a will for quality ingredients, balance, and whole grains. We open in the morning with locally roasted coffee and a modest array of pastries. In evenings we focus on our pizza game. Throughout the day, you can come in any time to grab a bottle of wine to go, or hangout with us and sip.

Pizza Bones pizza is naturally leavened and contains a percentage of whole, freshly milled grain. The pizzas are 14 inches round, making them slightly bigger than Neapolitan and more fun to share. We do our best to source the toppings locally, and seasonally, and remain a transparent business that gives back to the community.

Ashley Patino is a native Virginian. She fell into coffee and baking while studying at Virginia Commonwealth University, working at many local prominent establishments. In 2015 she moved to San Francisco to work more, learn more, and eat more. Building community through food along the way, sharing experiences with bakers from Peru, Australia, Denmark, and across the US; that’s what it’s all about.

Pizza Bones was always a dream: baked goods in the morning, pizza party at night. Returning to Virginia to share all the goods


When Brandon Peck gets a little bit tipsy, he has a tendency to win karaoke contests and cook smash burgers in a cast iron pan. The SMASHper celebrates both of these time-honored traditions.

The SMASHper will be smashing in every Sunday.