Susie and Esther

Susie and Esther is a Jewish-American and Mediteranean food service, named after the best grandmothers a kid could ask for.

Susie was born and raised in Norfolk, VA growing up on traditional Ashkenazi food. She found her true passion in cooking after spending many years volunteering her culinary skills to the community.

At the age of 15, Esther, hailing from Casablanca, had to leave her home due to rising anti-semitism. She grabbed what she could and took off to Israel with her husband and two sons. Cooking quickly became not only her lifeline to her home and heritage, but also how she, like all Jewish grandmothers, (over)fed and showed love to her family.

We are very proud to shine a light on these women, their stories, and their delicious food.

Susie and Esther will be featured on Wednesdays and Fridays weekly.