Pizza Bones

Pizza Bones is inspired by a will for quality ingredients, balance, and whole grains. We open in the morning with locally roasted coffee and a modest array of pastries. In evenings we focus on our pizza game. Throughout the day, you can come in any time to grab a bottle of wine to go, or hangout with us and sip.

Pizza Bones pizza is naturally leavened and contains a percentage of whole, freshly milled grain. The pizzas are 14 inches round, making them slightly bigger than Neapolitan and more fun to share. We do our best to source the toppings locally, and seasonally, and remain a transparent business that gives back to the community.

Ashley Patino, Owner

Ashley Patino, Owner

Ashley Patino is a native Virginian. She fell into coffee and baking while studying at Virginia Commonwealth University, working at many local prominent establishments. In 2015 she moved to San Francisco to work more, learn more, and eat more. Building community through food along the way, sharing experiences with bakers from Peru, Australia, Denmark, and across the US; that’s what it’s all about.

Pizza Bones was always a dream: baked goods in the morning, pizza party at night. Returning to Virginia to share all the goods.